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Welcome to 2024! I hope the New Year has treated you well! As we reflect on the beauty of the past year, as we pray for global peace and growth, and as we contemplate our own hopes for the future, may the new year bring you many blessings.  I apologize for the late web page, we have been amidst heavy travel including a  beautiful trip to Aruba. I will enclose a few photos! This web page will reflect on the past year- will take a dive into our aerobic history from 5, 10 and 15 years ago! Come along!

Social Update

We had two wonderful breakfasts in December and plan to continue them in the new year!
Early February- watch for our next breakfast one of the first two weeks of February
We still have a couple of positions open for the Purple Pumpers 29th!  Contact me if you are interested
Bike training outings- will start in April or May weather permitting

The Year in Review- 2023: Thanks to all who joined us for breakfasts, training rides and the MS 150! We hope to see you in the coming year!

Ride from Spring Lake Park Reserve to Hastings                                                  Sakatah

                                                                            Gateway trail rides start and end the season!


Purple Pumpers 28!!

                                           Fitness Folks show up to my dad's 90th!!! Dad has also been on the MS 150 Purple Pumpers several times!!

                                           Through the years we've had over 30 Christmas Breakfasts!  Thanks to all who came!


Flash Back- 5 Years Ago! 
                                                           Purple Pumpers 24th

Flash Back - 10 Years Ago! 
                                                            Group Fitness Instructors for Lifetime!

Flash Back - 15 Years Ago! 
                                                  Question- who is this gentleman who came for years to my class and then later became and instructor? (answer later)


*According to Web MD, people often make two common nutrition mistakes, 1) assuming that fruit juices will give them as much nutrition as the fruit itself.  Fruit juices are a high source of sugar and do not contain the fiber which facilitates feeling "full".  Of course, fruit juices are often healthier than other sweetened drinks including soda!  2) The label "seven grain" on bread does not always mean it is the healthiest bread for you (although it is often tasty!) Nutritionists suggest that you look for breads made of whole grains.

*According to the Dana Neuroscience foundation, most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep, those with less than 6 and over 10 often had compromised immune systems.

* A past Experience Life magazine has an interesting article discussing the importance of considering the type of calories you are eating.  Keep in mind the importance of nutrient dense foods. The article mentions that sometimes when we try to cut calories out of our diet, we choose, "diet foods" with less nutrients, and perhaps more sugars. Be aware of the types of food choices you are making and this can help assure getting a balanced diet.

*The following are some of the concepts from Cornell University Professor Brian Wansink, Ph.D.,'s book Mindless Eating. Some of the outlined concepts from Marc David, M.A., founder of the Institute for Psychology of Eating included
(a)  avoiding what they referred to as "speed snarfing" which is eating too fast. Such habits rob you of the satisfaction of eating, impair the digestion, and may lead to overeating.

(b) avoiding the tendency to starve yourself, which often causes overeating later on.

(c) avoiding the tendency to over or under eat during stress

(d) avoiding what the author Catherine Guthrie referred to as "mindless munching". Such eating often occurs when we are in front of the computer, TV, or focused on other activities.

Enjoy your food, eat responsibly (not to much, not to little), and with proper exercise, sleep, rest and daily activity, continue the quest for overall health and wellness!

*This is the time of year that many form resolutions. UC Davis has identified tips to achieve your resolutions (paraphrased): a) Be selective about your resolutions, b) Plan your resolution (e.g., this may include a timeline), c) Be specific (you should have the ability to know if you met the resolution, d) Be realistic, don't take on too much, e) Pick something new- avoid repeating resolutions, you may want to reformulate past resolutions you didn't meet but don't repeat it as written before, f) Identify accountability partners and g) Give yourself time to allow the resolution to become a habit (it is however important to note not all resolutions may fit into this- for instance if you have a specific resolution- I had one to learn two new items to make in the Instapot last year)

*The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your health professional
Answer to the above photo trivia- that was John Baron

A couple of photos from the beauty of Aruba- it is nice to enjoy a little sun and fun in the winter but may we all take time to enjoy the beauty of all seasons!


Have a beautiful winter- enjoy the beauty!

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